VST code startup links


VST getting started

get the VST Software Development Kit(SDK) incl. C++ examples @ steinberg.net
join the VST mailing list - yvan grabit developer resource @ steinberg
Learn VST plugin tutorial blog
VST tutorial @ asktoby.com
dsp and plugin development forum @ kvr-vst.com
fast & easy to use vst hosts by hermann seib - vsthost / savihost or by tobybear - minihost
helpful (yet incomplete) GUI building tool niall moody's vstgui builder
setting up microsofts VC++ Express compiler for vst builds @ teragon audio
setting up xcode  for vst builds xcodetutorial
how to make VSTplugs with Dev-C++ @ u-he.com
VST coding with Delphi @ tobybear.de

VST source code + snippets

vst/dsp source code archive @ u-he.com
buffersynth 2 vstplugin with source code @ sourceforge.net
plugin source codes & VST startup tips @ destroyFX
VSTGUI 3.0 (also included in the vstsdk) as sourceforge project
open source API logger - logs communication with the host - plugin consultant

DSP Links

dsp algorithm source code archive @ musicdsp.org
low-math dft & time/pitchtransform tutorials @ dsp Dimension
very recommendable free dsp pdf book - the scientist and engineer's guide to dsp
the musicdsp mailing list & archive for audio dsp issues - music-dsp
programming & algorithm articles - search GameDev.net
resampling articles & audio related source code @ Laurent de Soras
audio programming links @ huddersfield university
open source audio processing c++ classes - Synthesis Toolkit
dsp online publications @ JOS
more dsp links @ epanorama.net

C++ resources

programming links @ huddersfield university
linkliste C/C++ (deutsch) @ kompf.de
programming forum - codeguru.com
free VisualC++Express compiler @ microsoft.com
other free compilers @ Bloodshed Software


asio support for common soundcards asio4all
debugging tips / debug vs. release version @ codeproject.com
visual C++ debugging: step by step introduction @ codeguru.com
modular synth with save-as-VST function - synthedit
programming DirectX Audio Plug-ins @ salford acoustics

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